About us




Masr Media Production (MMP) is an Egyptian media production and news services company.

We provide all the services you may need to produce your documentary, television program, or your news report for television or radio in Egypt and the Middle East.

MMP produces and cooperates in producing diversified media productions of different types, ranging from documentaries to TV advertisements. That is in addition to short movies, news reports, television programs and implementing promotional corporate videos.

We aim at producing informative yet entertaining content whether it is political, economic, social, cultural, historical or pure entertainment.

We are capable of transforming ideas into an actual successful production. Our skillful team has what it takes to perfectly do the job on set (in Egypt or in the region), in a studio and in-house production and come up with a result that serves the purpose and satisfies our clients.

Masr Media Production is the place you need to go if you just have an idea. Starting from scratch, we can help you develop the idea and extend it in the way that achieves your goal.

Building a media product (video or audio) from brainstorming, to storyboarding, producing, filming or recording, script-writing, voicing to post-production and finalization is what we do.