We cooperate with and implement productions for international and renowned media corporations, whether TV or radio.

That is in addition to corporates interested in having the best quality production for their promotional videos.

So, we always offer premium quality for every service we provide.


All our services are delivered on time.

As we mainly work with news TV channels and radio stations, we truly understand what being Live means.

And since we provide news reports for international news corporations, we respect airing time and due dates and we always meet deadlines.



Masr Media Production (MMP) can provide you with a video or an audio project to promote a program or an event, or to preserve or document historical materials. We can also help you with help planning and producing, editing, and distributing original videos, audio and media.


MMP offers a professional video production service, including HD and 4K resolution and Digital video editing.
We produce these services for broadcast purposes or for internal corporate use.

MMP provides ENG or In-studio set with full service production, film and editing team to develop and expedite meaningful media.


A professional comprehensive digital photographic service including; general, architectural, studio, portraiture and promotional photos is available in HD.